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Wasted Time Remix

Wasted Time Snowdune Remix

*+-Wasted Time is a catchy and driving poptastic song written by Danny Lowe, one of Sheffield’s most talented musicians. Danny put a rough version of this song on Youtube with a simple drum machine beat and a big bass guitar part with effects on it. I liked it straight away. Luckily he was happy to […]



*+-This is a rock groove based demo created around a groove bass line I came up with. As usual these days I play bass guitar, guitars and keyboards, and have created all the percussion in midi (using BFD). I think it would suit a great vocal but as usual I can’t really sing so for […]

Jazz Groove Live Fantasy

Jazz Groove - Snowdune

*+-I love working in totally different genres. This is an experiment to see if I can write and produce a piece of music with a laid back jazz feel. I play all music myself on keyboards, with percussion created in midi and keyboard too. I ended up making it a “live” performance with efforts to […]

Feel The Rhythm of the Bassline

Snowdune - Feel the Rhythm of the Bass Line

*+-This is my latest track featuring me on on slap bass and vocals (processed by Vocoder). I play everything else you can hear on keyboards and all percussion created in midi. I will probably do more work on it later to get it ready to add it to my d├ębut album.

The (Red) Rain Pours Down on Me – Snowdune Remix

Remixes by Snowdune

*+-When I first heard the original of this song by Rotherham band The Carnival Of Thieves I thought it had something magic about it. Very evocative, with great lyrics, story, and fantastic vocals by Aubrey Mirfin. This is a love song set in 1944 Berlin during World War II between an English spy and a […]