Earth Shine

Earth Shine is an atmospheric instrumental utilising African voice samples, jungle sounds, thunder & rain, and even didgeridoo as well as usual bass, guitar and synths. Created from one of my bass-lines and built into a musical journey with Bri Littlehales.

Although using 90 tracks, some of them have very little or just one event on them but it’s fair to say we have put a lot of music into this track and much of it is hopefully quite subtle. It starts off with a mood created by four layered basses and after a short while some psychedelic chilled guitar add interest. The track builds steadily throughout its almost eight minutes and hopefully creates a nice atmospheric mood before building to an uplifting finale.

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  1. […] is needing a beautiful spiritual voice, preferably female. It’s based on 2 melodies I used in Earth Shine but I’m playing it now on guitars instead of basses and would like to make this more […]

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