Balance Check

Balance-Check This is the longest I’ve ever worked on a piece of music, on and off for about 10 years. It was one of the first tunes I ever started and it was inspired by playing about with several stock sounds and drum loops from Reason and Rebirth. It was always a progressive track moving on all the time but it never quite worked and never got finished.

Over the years I kept having another go, moving it on a bit but then giving up because it got too messy and too complicated. There’s was so much going off it was a nightmare to mix and it probably still needs someone with greater experience than me to mix it as well as it could be. It’s taken until now before I had enough experience and knowledge to (hopefully) do a decent job, getting a finished product which still moves on and has a few surprises but has some coherence and repeating themes.

I’ve created 50 tracks in all and play lots of synths and bass sounds by hand and deliberately not quantised them, keeping many moving around the beat and behind the beat to hopefully create a better groove. The emphasis swaps at times between being on the beat and then in the off beat and hopefully is not too predictable but not too messy.

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