Easy Listening / Pop

These are Snowdune songs in the Easy Listening or Pop category. Some are solo projects and some (where specified) are collaborations. Some are songs I've produced for other people or co-written and produced.

Jazz Groove Live Fantasy

I love working in totally different genres. This is an experiment to see if I can write and produce a piece of music with a laid back jazz feel. I play all music myself on keyboards, with percussion created in midi and keyboard too. I ended up making it a “live” performance with efforts to […]

Folded Over

Me and Bri Littlehales started this song 5 years ago. We’ve never re-worked a song as much as this, sometimes giving up on it for as long as a year, then spending sessions working on it before giving up on it again only to have another go several months later. The last version was version […]

Don’t Diss Christmas Dis Christmas Feat. Mike O’Brien

Charity Christmas Song Don’t Diss Christmas is a fun charity Christmas song to support two UK children’s charities for Christmas 2013 with 100% of all profits going to them. Written and performed by Snowdune with main lyrics written and sung by Mike O’Brien. More vocal contributions from many of my friends and family. Produced by […]

Dancing With Angels Feat. Rob Dowling

I heard a demo of this song by Rob Dowling with just him and a guitar. I really liked the song right from the first listen. I felt it was so sincere and heartfelt and asked Rob if I could produce a new version. I’ve been working on this one on and off for 3 […]

The Now (rough-demo)

This is a rough and very short proof of concept demo of an idea for a new song which is needing a beautiful spiritual or pure-sounding voice, preferably female. It’s based on 2 melodies I used in Earth Shine but I’m playing it now on guitars instead of basses and would like to make this […]