Snowdune Remixes

I like to remix songs that inspire me creatively. Up to now I've been involved in projects where I have free licence to be creative. Sometimes creating new intros or outros, creating and playing new parts, and "producing" them into something very different - but hopefully equally valid. I always respect the original. I love the idea that songs, or pieces of music can exist in different forms, which can greatly widen potential audiences. With that in mind I've even applied my remix treatment to some of my own songs.

7 Skies Expanded Snowdune Remix

This is my remix of 7 Skies Expanded for the FXpansion/7 Skies remix competition. I created the remix without hearing the original. The remit was to create a track using at least 3 of the 7 supplied wavs, and optionally use any of the 7 midi tracks. I decided to use all 14 of the […]

Wanna be Known – Snowdune remix ft. York & Brandon Jones

This track was my entry to the Fxpansion / York remix competition. The song is a remix of vocal and a few guitar tracks by York feat Brandon Jones though it also contains a substantial amount of my own music including all the drums, Bass – and funky rhythm guit by Bri (mostly from my […]