Rock based Music

These are Snowdune songs in the rock or alternative category, some are solo projects and some (where specified) are collaborations.


A musical-documenting of a horrific event in World War 2 contrasting an almost smug American announcement of the bombing of Hiroshima with the more factual and solemn descriptions by a radio announcer later. Set to my original music which is suitably dark in feel and tone. I play all guitars, bass and keyboards plus all […]

This Time is Ours

A dark, atmospheric electro track with reggae overtones produced and played by Andy & Bri, written by Bri, Andy, Leigh Dawson with lyrics and vocals by Mat Hume. The track began several years ago as an instrumental tune started by Bri and Lee which I put bass to. Years later Snowdune have created this version […]

Sharp Instrument (rough demo)

This is a very rough proof of concept demo I’ve done in a few hours created around my bass lines (which may now need changing a bit) and with me playing guitars in one take. I have full lyrics and chorus adapted from one of my poems. I just need someone with the right voice […]

Give In To Me (rough demo)

This is a rock track with a bluesy feel, which has full lyrics and vocal melody but no singer yet. It features Bri Littlehales on guitars and a great blues riff guitar track from Steve Cosgrove which I’ve cut and rearranged extensively so I’ll need to get him to re-record everything too. It’s also got […]

Snowdune – Another World

Rock instrumental. A mini film where you provide the images. An epic musical journey in which the listener can hopefully be the main protagonist battling an alien force and flying back to earth to feel to the relief and tranquillity of flying past a beautiful beach on the way home. All instruments by Snowdune except […]