Hard Butter (Extended Version)

Currently available free to download

Here is an extended mix and reworking of my track hard Butter (Single mix) which is within my synth instrumental style. This version is substantially different to my original. Play it loud and let yourself go. It has a few elements of trance though definitely not standard trance. The music develops nicely throughout the track so stick with it.

This is the first time ever a Snowdune track has been available for download so get it whilst it’s hot.

Free Download

To download, right click the small download icon on the top right of the SoundCloud picture above and click “save as”. If on iPad or a mobile try pressing and holding the little icon until a pop up window gives a menu and select download or save as.

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  1. Andy Trigg says

    Here’s the “single” version cut down to around 3:20 but completely reworked with new parts and much catchier hooks.

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