Here We Go Now – Ballroom / Spaghetti Western mix

This is a reworking and remix of the quirky OK Cafe track by me and Mick Briers with lots of new bits and a complete remix. We removed all vocals apart from the “Here we go now” sections and created an almost “ballroom” remix that they could dance to on Strictly Come Dancing.

We thought an instrumental version of OK Cafe could be useful to be used for a voice over, advert or film so embarked on the project but ended up spending adding a lot more tracks. It’s fully orchestrated with a few weird instruments like sitar, and Jew’s Harp. Its got the following flavours mixed in – Ball room, Tango, Reggae, James Last, Ennio Morricone, Austin Powers, Beatles, 60s …



Hear the original

This is the original with lyrics and different instruments, OK Cafe was originally done by Me Mick and Bri Littlehales.

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  1. Andy Trigg says

    I’ve realised we strayed from our original intent with this remix. We were supposed to strip it right down to make it more useful to be used as incidental music, maybe with someone talking over it but I ended up adding extra melodies turning it into a ballroom mix (ideal for Strictly Come Dancing?) and Mick added the spaghetti western guitar. It sounds great, but we’ll need do another properly stripped down version as well, with all the new (ballroom / James Last) melodies stripped out.

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