OK Cafe

OK Cafe has been played on BBC Radio

This song has been broadcast on BBC Radio This song has a retro feel, it’s quirky and dancy. It makes me want to do silly dances such as in Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me. I can see mini-skirted girls with long sexy boots doing those great 60s dance moves to it.

Originally a Mick Brears composition, produced and played by Snowdune, Mick and Bri Littlehales, it was inspired by an actual cafe in Sheffield (OKeh Cafe) frequented by Mods.

OK Cafe has now been played twice on BBC Radio Sheffield evening show which features, “the best unsigned bands”. First time they opened up the show with it and second time they opened up the second half of the show with it.

OK Cafe has also been listed on the Getty Images music library for potential licencing in films or ads

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  1. The track is now mastered.

  2. Fabulous song! Hooked on this after I heard this song/discovered you on BBC Radio Sheffield last night. Ace; nice work.

  3. Andy Trigg says

    Many thanks Thomas: Much appreciated.

  4. This song was played again last night, they used to to open up the second half of the show.

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