People Don’t Like Hell! feat Mark Driscoll

Controversial Pastor Mark Driscoll set to music. A powerful combination.

A synth based track showcasing the voice of American pastor, Mark Driscoll on the subject of Hell. I found a recording of one of his sermons released on the internet under an open licence encouraging people to circulate it. I’m unsure if he ever expected someone to put it to music though.

I believe I’ve used it respectfully. I haven’t chopped it up as such, but have spaced it out to fit with my music and repeated some sections.

I’m fascinated by Mark’s vocal tone and phrasing. During the many sessions I’ve spent working on this track I’ve heard his words thousands of times over and over again – but never once tired of hearing them. He has a wonderfully rhythmic style and amazing passion, which no doubt accounts for much of his fame. I gather he’s quite controversial too.

I also find the subject of his words fascinating where he describes in clearly outraged disbelief how he’s been criticised for scaring people with the threat of hell. “People don’t like hell!”, he exclaims. “They’re not supposed to!” he adds with indignant tone.

I love this speech, I’m not religious, but its nevertheless captivating and it seems to fit perfectly with my music. Whether you agree with the sentiment or not I doubt you can deny the genuine passion and sincerity behind it. Music and speech combined has much greater power so I would hope that he liked it. I can imagine him coming out on stage in big arenas to this tune.

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  1. Leah Shields says

    I really like this one, it works so well. Like you said, the speech just fits perfectly with the music.

  2. Andy Trigg says

    Many thanks Leah. I managed to cut it up and space it out so it fitted perfectly but hardly had to adjust it much because he has such a rhythmic speaking style. Glad you liked it.

  3. hi andy I think ur version is awesome and he has got a rhythmic vocal range indeed, I am trying to find the original interview for this but I can’t find it anywhere as I am also going to make a track but I cant find the mark driscoll interview anywhere :( if you could help me out that would be great

  4. Thanks Peter. I found the audio clip several years back on a web site which said the speech was free to use and to spread. I will try to find the audio clip and send it to you.

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