Crazy People Feat. Danny Lowe Bri Littlehales & Mick Brears

This is a new song which started off as a track called “I Don’t Know What’s Real Any More”, I was never happy with the last half of this track so I completely re-wrote the last half and created a chorus. I also added a spoof rap for a joke – but everyone who heard it said it was great so I’ve kept it in. The rap contains a bit of bad language!

I’ve also sung for the first time ever putting down 5 tracks on the chorus plus there are guest vocals in the chorus from Danny Lowe (Rumpus & Big Bad Wow) and my cousin Mick Brears. The chorus has about 20 tracks of us 3 singing in various voices to create a crowd of crazy people.

All in all a bit of a weird one this, with great musical contributions from Bri on acoustic bass and lead guitar, and Mick on acoustic rhythm guitar.

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