The Now (rough-demo)

This is a rough and very short proof of concept demo of an idea for a new song which is needing a beautiful spiritual or pure-sounding voice, preferably female. It’s based on 2 melodies I used in Earth Shine but I’m playing it now on guitars instead of basses and would like to make this more spiritual and stay chilled instead of getting big as Earth Shine does.

The lyrics I have so far are sung to the flute melody, which comes in at 38 seconds –

The Now

Be, where, you are
See, what, you see
Feel, the now
Enjoy, the now

The lyrics below may be spoken later in the song. Possibly by a chilled male voice.

The future does not exist
The past exists no more
Now is all we have
Now is all we will ever have

This is just a very rough demo – knocked up in 10 mins. The finished song will be much better and of course longer. Please contact me if you may have just the right voice for this.

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  1. Just listening to the original Earth Shine again I must admit it might make more sense to simply put the lyrics on Earth Shine instead.If I find the right vocalist it’s definitely a quick option but would like to explore creating a more spiritual and calming version which doesn’t develop like Earth Shine does and instead stays calm and meditational.

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