Start Believing (unfinished demo)

This is another work in progress. It’s a bit unusual so I don’t quite know what to do with it yet. It’s currently an instrumental featuring an audio clip from an old 50s film but if I can find a singer or rapper to put something on it I can drop the sample if it no longer fits.

It starts off dark and menacing but gets funky and even has a little carnival bit. I need to work on it more but won’t until I get someone to sing or rap on it. It just occasionally has a slightly rushed feel and needs the groove getting back in line but not much.

I’ve got loads of things in this one, synths, funky guitar, xylophone, brass section, wah wah guitar, funky bass, slap bass… I’ve used 5 bass tracks and mixed acoustic drums with all sorts of electronic kits and sounds.

I play everything except the wah wah guitar (Mick Briers) and funky & lead guitar (Bri Littlehales)

I think some rap would really suit this track – any one?

Could you rap to this track?

Contact me if you would like to collaborate. Check out more Snowdune songs needing vocalist

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