The (Red) Rain Pours Down on Me – Snowdune Remix

When I first heard the original of this song by Rotherham band The Carnival Of Thieves I thought it had something magic about it. Very evocative, with great lyrics, story, and fantastic vocals by Aubrey Mirfin. This is a love song set in 1944 Berlin during World War II between an English spy and a […]

Junking Up The Headspace

This song is written and played by Mick, drums by me and Mick, produced by me and Mick. It has a strong feel of Bob Dylan meets Early Rod Stewart Lyrics Junking Up The Head Space Junking up the head space looking in the wrong place hanging around with a head case talking like a […]


A slow, sexy song paying homage to the love of a good woman. Written by Mick Briers produced by Snowdune and Mick Briers. Most music played by Mick with some parts played by me.   This one has a bit of 70s style to it.