The Now (rough-demo)

This is a rough and very short proof of concept demo of an idea for a new song which is needing a beautiful spiritual or pure-sounding voice, preferably female. It’s based on 2 melodies I used in Earth Shine but I’m playing it now on guitars instead of basses and would like to make this […]

Sharp Instrument (rough demo)

This is a very rough proof of concept demo I’ve done in a few hours created around my bass lines (which may now need changing a bit) and with me playing guitars in one take. I have full lyrics and chorus adapted from one of my poems. I just need someone with the right voice […]

Give In To Me (rough demo)

This is a rock track with a bluesy feel, which has full lyrics and vocal melody but no singer yet. It features Bri Littlehales on guitars and a great blues riff guitar track from Steve Cosgrove which I’ve cut and rearranged extensively so I’ll need to get him to re-record everything too. It’s also got […]

Start Believing (unfinished demo)

This is another work in progress. It’s a bit unusual so I don’t quite know what to do with it yet. It’s currently an instrumental featuring an audio clip from an old 50s film but if I can find a singer or rapper to put something on it I can drop the sample if it […]