Remixes by Snowdune

I like to remix songs which inspire me creatively, particularly if I have free creative licence. Up to now I've never just "re"-mixed a song. I've been creative with structures, sometimes creating new intros or outros, created and played new parts, and produced them into something different but hopefully equally valid, whilst always respecting the original. I love the idea that songs, or pieces of music can exist in different forms, which can greatly widen potential audiences. With that in mind I've even applied my remix treatment to some of my own songs.

Wasted Time Remix

Wasted Time is a catchy and driving poptastic song written by Danny Lowe, one of Sheffield’s most talented musicians. Danny put a rough version of this song on Youtube with a simple drum machine beat and a big bass guitar part with effects on it. I liked it straight away. Luckily he was happy to […]

The (Red) Rain Pours Down on Me – Snowdune Remix

When I first heard the original of this song by Rotherham band The Carnival Of Thieves I thought it had something magic about it. Very evocative, with great lyrics, story, and fantastic vocals by Aubrey Mirfin. This is a love song set in 1944 Berlin during World War II between an English spy and a […]

Jump Ararnd – Snowdune Remix

My remix of Jump Ararnd by The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican and friends, a comedy band from Barnsley who do a lot for local charities. The song itself is a cover version and reinterpretation of a Hip Hop song from the 90s by House of Pain. I originally intended to do a complete re-imagining […]

Hard Butter “Single” Mix

Hard Butter is another one of my solo dance tunes. It’s taken from my 8 minute dance instrumental Hard Butter which I’ve decided to cut up and make at least two different tracks from. This is the first. It’s essentially the first 3 minutes of the original extended version but completely reworked, and with completely […]

Here We Go Now – Ballroom / Spaghetti Western mix

This is a reworking and remix of the quirky OK Cafe track by me and Mick Briers with lots of new bits and a complete remix. We removed all vocals apart from the “Here we go now” sections and created an almost “ballroom” remix that they could dance to on Strictly Come Dancing. We thought […]