The (Red) Rain Pours Down on Me – Snowdune Remix

When I first heard the original of this song by Rotherham band The Carnival Of Thieves I thought it had something magic about it. Very evocative, with great lyrics, story, and fantastic vocals by Aubrey Mirfin.

This is a love song set in 1944 Berlin during World War II between an English spy and a German girl. The original is just under 10 minutes long featuring great orchestration and a haunting piano part throughout as well as various instrumental sections. Although I loved it I could imagine a remix with the main haunting piano replaced by a more synth-type sound and focussed more like a single rather than the album piece it was at its current length.

I was sent around 27 audio tracks and a dozen midi, but in the end I stripped it right back and only used about 6 of them. I added and played several new parts including creating a new whistling section at the end based around the main vocal melody. I also changed certain notes and emphasis on original piano part to fit with the new main instrument. I moved things around and cut out large sections.

I also discovered a wonderful female vocal part (by Sunny Daye) which was used only once in the original and so quiet I never noticed it. I decided to feature this vocal as a chorus – or at least as a duet part with the main vocal.

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The Lyrics


I met you under Berlin lilac trees
English Spy falls for spandau queen
1944 and this war it never yields
Autumn leaves fall down gold & green

There’s danger on the German radio
As the rain it poured down on me
It’s crazy our dark hidden secret
But my love for you goes on and on

I kissed you but you seemed so uncertain
We talked by lanterns for hours in the twilight
I held your hand as we closed the curtains
As the bombs rained down all through the night

There’s danger on the German radio
As the rain it poured down on me
It’s crazy our souls in isolation
But your love for me goes on and on

I saw the rain as it bathed on your pretty face
I caught your eyes as they lit up the sky
Souls scream as the city burns to ash again
Sit in darkness as the sirens wail by

There’s danger on the German radio
As the rain it poured down on me
It’s crazy and it’s so uncertain
But this war it goes on and on

This Rain It Poured Down Again
A Holocaust yet unrevealed
Red Rains brought blood and flames
And a love dear to me

Hear the original

The Carnival Of Thieves have a new album out which features the original version of this song and many other great tracks Carnival Of Thieves – Den Of Thieves (New Album March 9th, 2014)

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