Wanna be Known – Snowdune remix ft. York & Brandon Jones

This track was my entry to the Fxpansion / York remix competition. The song is a remix of vocal and a few guitar tracks by York feat Brandon Jones though it also contains a substantial amount of my own music including all the drums, Bass – and funky rhythm guit by Bri (mostly from my instrumental track ChillDance). Unfortunately it didn’t win, but I think it was maybe just the wrong style for the competition, and believing that helps me keep my pride.

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  1. Andy Trigg says:

    OK so I didn’t win the remix competition but I still believed in my remix, which was an entirely different song so maybe went well beyond the remit of a remix. Anyway, last week I decided to seek out Brandon Jones (the singer) and see if he liked it. I found a Wikipedia entry for him and found a link to his record company.

    I fired off a quick email introducing myself and the song, and hoping they would listen to it and like it. The reply I got back was that they “loved my version!” . Although they no longer represent Brandon it was suggested I might be able to work with some of their other artists in the future. The feedback I received is highly appreciated and encouraging.

  2. Andy Trigg says:

    Here’s the original song. If you play the video and set my track running then mute the video it doesn’t look too far out of place.

    York feat. Brandon Jones – Wanna Be Known (Official Music Video)

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