Wasted Time Remix

Wasted Time is a catchy and driving poptastic song written by Danny Lowe, one of Sheffield’s most talented musicians. Danny put a rough version of this song on Youtube with a simple drum machine beat and a big bass guitar part with effects on it. I liked it straight away. Luckily he was happy to send me wavs of the bass and vocal track to play with.

I tried to use the original bassline but with all those effects and distortion on it was just too massive to tame covering every frequency and masking anything else I tried adding. So I decided to split the great bassline up into several layered synths covering different frequencies. I also created full percussion in midi, added various other keyboards, and did a little rearranging adding a few stops and a middle 8 instrumental section. The main guts of the song though remain Danny’s original melodies.

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